Protect Your Family with a Cleaner, Healthier Car

The PURETi Healthy Car Care Program combines the power of hospital-grade surface disinfection and continuous, light-activated air purification to create healthier vehicle interiors.

PURETi treated surfaces prevent grime growth and reverse pollution outdoors. Indoors, PURETi eliminates odors and improves air quality. Buildings and windows stay cleaner. White roofs stay cooler. Inside air is healthier and odor free. One long lasting application saves time, money, water, chemicals and energy.

  • Windows, roofs and facades stay twice as clean for twice as long with grime preventing PURETi.
  • Scrubs air free of smoke, pet, food or human odors. PURETi doesn’t mask odors. It breaks them down. Works great inside hotels, cars, homes or schools.
  • PURETi treated windows, window coverings and light fixtures act as air scrubbers to reduce VOCs in interior spaces by 50% or more.
  • Saves energy with cooler roofs and cleaner PV panels. Saves water and chemicals with reduced washing. Enhances brand and building value. Helps earn LEED points.
  • PURETi pays for itself by reducing maintenance costs. Hard ROI savings in labor, energy, water and chemical use

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