by Spireon

Never lose a sale due to not finding a car.

Equip your sales team with LoJack, giving them the ability to find a car in seconds, see battery level and inventory age. Plus, grow PVR with non-cancelable F&I revenue.

Timely service reminders, targeted marketing spend, personalized offers and mobile convenience from LoJack builds customer loyalty that leads to repeat business and keeps the dollars rolling in.

No one has time to spend hours on inventory audits, battery checks, or dealer trades. Integrate LoJack into your operations, slash major time off tedious tasks, and get back to selling. Multi-store group management and visibility available.

Theft and fraud are expensive. When margins are tight, paying out of pocket or filing an insurance claim is the last thing you want. LoJack recovers stolen vehicles quickly, and now includes a dealer-only recovery hotline.

LoJack for dealers

A Day in the Life of a LoJack Dealer from Spireon GPS on Vimeo.

LoJack for customers

LoJack Consumer Video #1 from Spireon GPS on Vimeo.

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